Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Best Damn Coffee Shop Around Union Square Area

Food New York

Everyman's Espresso
136 East 13th street (between 3rd and 4th avenues)

by Victor Timofeev

The vastly knowledgeable baristas at Everyman’s make kickass espresso drinks and serve them coupled with intellectual conversations. The Pain Au Chocolat, the seemingly simple chocolate croissant baked by Tisserie bakery across Union Square Park, is by far their best pastry. Pair it with a soy cappuccino, (the soy makes it naturally, lightly sweetened) as it complements the boldness of the chocolate found in the two large veins inside the croissant. The total comes to something around five dollars, a bargain for such an exciting way to start a Sunday morning. Also, there is an excess amount of Sunday times lying around the café Sunday afternoons, saving you four dollars on the paper!

Chance of Landing a Seat : Weekdays – 100%. Weekends – 91%.
Local Runners-up : Ninth Street Espresso, Joe the Art of Coffee.
What To Get : Soy Cappuccino (to stay, of course!!!) and Pain Au Chocolat

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